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  Indian Head Massage - 45mins : 25.00

Indian Head Massage also has a long and impressive history. It has been practised in India for over a thousand years and is still in use today as a common part of family life. More recently it has become available for tourists at hairdressers, on street corners and on the beach.

Narendra Mehta, a blind Indian man, was responsible for bringing the techniques to this country and teaching them to massage practitioners. 



Indian Head Massage is particularly effective for relieving stress and tension. The head, neck and shoulders are gently, firmly and rhythmically massaged until tension simply floats away. A typical treatment will leave you feeling relaxed but alert.


Richard trained with a student of Narendra Mehta in Brighton. Indian Head Massage takes about 45 minutes. There is no need to remove any clothing and the treatment is given sitting in an ordinary upright chair. Use of oils is optional. Treatment is available in Richard's treatment room in Littlehampton or in your own home.


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